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The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD is a full-size pickup truck that can tow and carry almost anything one can throw at it. It also benefits from an undeniably aggressive design and dual-wheel setup, both of which are like a cherry on top of an already delicious cake. The most impressive part, however, is the 6.6-litre turbocharged V8 engine that can pump out 397 horsepower and 765 pound-feet of torque. It’s meant to do work, and that much is clear.

Full Review

The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD is a fully-capable full-size pickup truck that can tow and carry just about anything. It also helps that it looks appropriately aggressive, while offering dual-wheel rear axles to maximize its performance. There’s no arguing that this is indeed one of the most capable vehicles in this segment. It may cost $38,910, but if you need a truck that can do it all, then it would be worth every penny.

The new Silverado 3500HD offers somewhat boxy, along with a hefty chrome grille and a raised power-dome hood. The 3500 models are noticeably heavier than the 2500 variants in the HD sector thanks to its size and the option of adding dual rear wheels. In other words, make sure your garage is big enough fit this beast of a vehicle. Even if you take the regular cab version, which is 225 inches/5.7 metres long, it will be over two feet longer than the Chevy Impala – and that’s a full-size sedan! If you go for the crew-cab version with its long box, you’ll get 259.1 inches/6.6 metres of length.

On the inside, the 2014 Silverado 3500HD varies from one trim level to another. For instance, the base WT model offers three regular cab seats on a vinyl bench, but there are almost no extra features – not even power windows. It’s essentially a work truck that offers just enough to get buy and nothing more. There are the extended-cab models, which expand passenger space to six with a back bench. Crew cabs are big enough to fit six, but if you go for individual front seats, those can only fit five. But, if you want a bit of luxury, then the LTZ trim is the one to go for since it offers premium, leather-lined accommodations and greater seat support. If you go for the top-level 3500HD, you will basically get an office on wheels, with multiple power outlets and the option of turning it into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. We did say it could do it all.

Under the hood, the Silverado 3500HD comes with a selection of two engines. One of them is a 6.0-litre gasoline V8 that has flex-fuel capability and can run compressed natural gas, though that would reduce its power output. There’s also the more powerful 6.6-liter turbodiesel V8 that can run on B20 biodiesel fuel, while offering an exhaust braking feature to reduce speed on descents. Both engines can be connected to six-speed automatic transmission, but there’s also a heavy-duty Allison 1000 available for the diesel.

Overall, we have nothing bad to say about the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD. It carries a fair price and it does what it’s supposed without any hiccups. Definitely give it a look if you need a reliable truck for your work or any other projects you may have.

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD
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Rating: 9.6 / 10

Trim / StyleMSRPEst. Monthly PaymentAverage PriceInvoice Price
LT 4x4 Crew Cab LWB$52,650 Get Local Price Get Invoice Price
LT 4x4 Crew Cab SWB$52,485 Get Local Price Get Invoice Price
LT 4x4 Regular Cab LWB$47,795 Get Local Price Get Invoice Price
LT Crew Cab LWB$49,225 Get Local Price Get Invoice Price
LT Crew Cab SWB$49,060 Get Local Price Get Invoice Price
LT Regular Cab LWB$44,195 Get Local Price Get Invoice Price
LTZ 4x4 Crew Cab LWB$58,355 Get Local Price Get Invoice Price
LTZ 4x4 Crew Cab SWB$58,190 Get Local Price Get Invoice Price
LTZ Crew Cab LWB$54,755 Get Local Price Get Invoice Price
LTZ Crew Cab SWB$54,590 Get Local Price Get Invoice Price
WT 4x4 Crew Cab LWB$49,595 Get Local Price Get Invoice Price
WT 4x4 Crew Cab SWB$48,885 Get Local Price Get Invoice Price
WT 4x4 Regular Cab LWB$44,060 Get Local Price Get Invoice Price
WT Crew Cab LWB$45,995 Get Local Price Get Invoice Price
WT Crew Cab SWB$45,285 Get Local Price Get Invoice Price
WT Regular Cab LWB$40,460 Get Local Price Get Invoice Price
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General Specs

Engine 6.0000 L
Horsepower @RPM322
Fuel TypeUnleaded
Body typeTruck
Number of Doors2
Drive TrainRear Wheel Drive
Transmission TypeAutomatic
Power and Performance:

The standard power plant for the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD is a 6.0-liter gasoline V8 engine that produces 360 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed automatic is the only available transmission.

The optional, turbocharged 6.6-liter diesel V8 is surely the engine choice for those who plan on towing or hauling on a regular basis. It cranks out 397 hp and 765 lb-ft of torque and is mated to a heavy-duty six-speed automatic transmission with manual shift control.

In Edmunds performance testing of the mechanically identical GMC Sierra, a 3500 with the diesel and the standard rear axle went from zero to 60 mph in a quick 7.5 seconds.

Rear-wheel drive is standard for all models, and four-wheel drive is optional.

Chevy says a properly equipped a 2014 Silverado 3500HD can haul up to 7,222 pounds of payload and can tow up to 18,000 pounds with its standard ball hitch and pull 23,100 pounds with a fifth-wheel connection.

Originally appeared on Edmunds.

Interiors and Special Features:

The 2014 Chevy Silverado HD's interior varies widely depending on what trim and cab configuration you choose. A base WT model with regular cab seats three on a vinyl bench and has few frills, not even power windows. It's made to be exactly what its initials stand for: Work Truck. Extended-cab models, meanwhile, expand passenger count to six with a rear bench. Crew cabs are also configured to seat six or, with individual front seats, five. Crew bosses will appreciate the premium, leather-lined accommodations of LTZ models. When properly equipped, the Silverado HD serves as a rolling office, thanks to multiple power outlets and the option of it becoming a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

Originally appeared on Kelley Blue Book.

Safety features:

Every 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD features anti-lock brakes, front airbags, StabiliTrak electronic traction and stability control, OnStar Crash Response and Crisis Assist and a tire-pressure monitor. 

In the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's tests of the Silverado HD, the truck performs as well as most, with an average overall score. Trucks without optional side airbags earned much lower ratings than trucks with airbags, with Crew Cab models scoring slightly better than Regular and Extended Cabs. The Silverado HD also earned scores from three to four out of five stars in the roof rollover test, depending on body style and cab configuration.

Originally appeared on Auto Trader.

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