The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Car

Cars are expensive and their pricing is complicated. If you want to make sense of a typical price quote or even our free dealer cost report, then you need to know several key pricing terms. This guide will help you learn them.

We have divided this guide into eight simple articles to help you find the information you need without any effort.

1. What is MSRP? Learn All
About It

When researching car pricing, the MSRP
is the first thing you see. Here is
everything you need to know
about it.

2. Why the Invoice Price Should
Matter to You

If you want to save money on a new car,
then you need to know its invoice price.
Find out what the term really
means and why it matters.

3. Why You Should Care About the
Dealer Margin

Surprisingly enough, car dealers do not
earn as much money as many consumers
seem to think. Here is what you need to
know about the dealer margin.

1. Everything You Need to Know
About Incentives

Incentives are crucial when it comes to
car shopping. Find out how to make
best use of them and where to look for

2. How Employee/Invoice Pricing Deals
Will Help You Save Money

New cars boast all kinds of incentives, but
not all of them will have a significant
impact on the final price. That is what
employee pricing deals are for.

3. Buy an Electric or Hybrid Vehicle and
Get a Reward: Learn How

The government of Canada will reward
you for purchasing an electric or hybrid
vehicle. Here are the details on how each
province treats the process.

1. Common Dealer Fees Everyone Should Know

Aside from the MSRP and sales tax, there are plenty of other
expenditures that car buyers need to cover, most of which
are dealer fees. Find out exactly what they are.

2. How Depreciation Can Ruin a Vehicle

Depreciation can easily ruin your chances of reselling a vehicle.
Here is what you need to know to prevent that.

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