The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Car

Owning a car is amazing.  Buying one is not.  If you have no idea how the car buying process works, this detailed guide will teach you everything you need to know about it.

We have divided it into five easy steps so that you can find the information you need exactly when you need it. So, whenever you are stuck or confused, come back here and find the article that will help you.

1. How to Decide if You Actually
Need a New Car

Not sure if a new car is something
you actually need? Check out the most
common reasons why people buy them and
see if they apply to you.

2. How to Accurately Estimate Your
Car Budget

There is nothing worse than committing
to a car you cannot afford. Find out the best
ways to estimate a fool-proof car budget
and avoid overspending in the process.

3. How to Choose a Car Type That
Reflects Your Lifestyle

Would you prefer a sedan or a truck?
Different people require different
vehicles. Find out how to identify your
lifestyle and pick a suitable car type.

1. How to Research New Cars
and Find Best Prices

Researching new cars and best deals is vital,
but not all methods are worth the effort.
Learn which tactics can help you find the
information you need and how to use them.

2. How to Save Time on New-Car

Cars are complex machines, which means
that researching one at a time can take many
long hours. Find out how to simplify the
process and stay thorough at the same time.

3. How to Build Your Own Car
Comparison Tool in 5 Minutes

Every car has its own pros and cons.
Find out how to build a car comparison tool
and weed out the cars with too many cons
during your research.

1. Cash, Finance or Lease? Choosing
the Best Car Payment Option

Your car payment choice may boil down to
cash, finance or lease, but there are nuances
to each and knowing them is crucial. Find out
what they are and then make your choice.

2. How to Find Local Car Dealerships and
What to Do on Your First Visit

Forget about buying a car on your first
visit to local car dealerships – there are
tasks you need to accomplish first. Find out
what they are and why they are important.

3. How to Test-Drive a Car
the Right Way

A test drive is the best way to learn how a
vehicle performs before you commit to it.
Find out how you can make it work to your
advantage and avoid future mishaps.

1. Mandatory vs. Non-Mandatory Dealer Fees:
How to Decipher a Price Quote

Car price quotes may seem confusing at first,
but once you figure them out, they are not so
complicated. Find out how to decipher them
and avoid being overcharged.

2. How Much It Really Costs to Own a Car
and Why You Should Care

The amount you pay for a car each month
should not be a surprise. Find out how much
your potential vehicle will cost to own and if
you are still within your budget.

1. How to Negotiate Car Prices
and Get Best Deals

It is not easy to negotiate a car price, but
with a little bit of practice anyone can do it.
Find out how to ask a dealer to lower
the price and succeed.

2. How to Calculate Your Monthly
Car Payments

To make sure your monthly car payments are
exactly what you want them to be, you need
to figure them out yourself. Find out how to
calculate them before signing any papers.

3. How to Handle Car Buying Paperwork
Like a Pro

The very last part of the car buying process
is going through the paperwork that finalizes
the purchase. Find out how to get through it
and drive away with your awesome new car!

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