A Guide to Car Insurance

If there is one mandatory vehicle expense that drives many car owners crazy, it would be car insurance. Since car accidents do not exactly happen every day, most drivers rarely ever need insurance, which makes paying often high premiums a huge chore.

This guide will help you learn more about insurance and let you determine how much you should be paying.

1. The Basics of Car Insurance

The concept of car insurance is easy to
grasp, but there are several nuances that
car owners seem to miss. Find out what
they are and save hundreds of dollars.

2. Buying and Renewing Car Insurance

Whether you're buying car insurance for
the first time or renewing with your provider,
it's important you know that you're getting
the best policy for your needs.

3. How to Make a Claim After a
Car Accident

A car accident is unlikely to be your most
favourite event, but you should not really
forget it either. Find out how to deal with
an accident and make a claim.

4. Car Insurance Rules in Different
Provinces and Territories

Each province and territory in Canada has
its own set of rules and regulations when
it comes to car insurance. Find out how
these rules differ and why.

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